Machine for planting

seeds in containers

Machine for planting seeds in containers

    PURPOSE: The machine performs sowing of pelleted tobacco seed, vegetables and similar. in styrofoam containers.
Machine for planting seeds in containers designed for professional users, it allows a large number of quality plasnting containers (350 pcs/h), serves seven people, and using it ensures that in each compartment containers is exactly the one seed. Hand machine for planting seeds containers is designed for users and allows planting containers for each household, it also features high-quality planting of seed.
DESCRIPTION: The worker is pile containers at the back of the machine. Tape is driven by electric motors and gear transmission with track, pushing the containers through the basket in which another worker fills a substrate. Filled container passes under a downloader, which removes the excess of the substrate. Once prepared container passes under the head rammer, which compresses the substrate and makes recess in the substrate in which the seeds will be planted. Pelleted seeds are poured into the with drum into a pourer who has a calibrated holes, which affect seed. Before taking the seeds in a container, removes the the excess seed remover. Two workers fill up the seed into a pourer if needed and under control if the containers are properly stored, while the other two carry away filled containers.
    PERFORMANCE: 350-400 heated containers per hour with 6-8 workers serving.