DESCRIPTION: It was made as a portable device, capacity 100 kg of dried tobacco per hour, with five servers of. Is powered by a three-phase motor of 2 kW, and 0.75 for the conveyor belt. By separating the dust gets list of much better quality and class, and also simplifies the process of its further processing. It consists of a hexagonal prism, which is made of perforated steel, 3m long, mounted to the surface at an angle of 35 º. Prism is based on a steel structure is driven by electric motors and performs rotational motion. The higher the opening is inserted tobacco to be processed. Tobacco in the prism is rectilinear motion in the direction of lower openings and rotationally in the direction of rotation of the prism. Because of this movement is coming to the intensive extraction of dust from the leaf. Tobacco that comes out to a lower opening falls on the conveyor belt goes to the workers who sort the tobacco in the appropriate box (bale). It is recommended to set perform the pre-aligned to the plane of the ground or concrete floor.