About Company

Termoplin Ltd. is Serbian company that is established in 1991. Company is more then twenty years produces heating equipment and agricultural machinery. Some of ours products are:
  • Tabacco dryers
  • Dryers for fruits and vegetables
  • Dryers for medicinal plants
  • Dryers for bale clover
  • Termognerators on the liquid and solid fuels and biomass
  • Water boilers fired with liquid and solid fuels and biomass
  • Greenhouses and metal structures
  • Disc planter of seedlings of vegetables and tobacco
  • Rotating planter of container seedlings of vegetables and tobacco
  • Machine for sowing container
Quality and reliable operation of our products are always in the first place and this is what makes that people can recognize and recommend us. Our products can be found throughout Serbia. For these twenty years of working, we are exported our products to Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Australia, Spain, Germany, Russia and Albania and of course in all the republics of former Yugoslavia. In addition to constant product improvements we have in the plan and expanding our range of products for what you will be informed.

Kind regards
Director: Stevan Jugović, engineer